Two comprehensive resources are available to help inspectors and lenders.

The first book, Introduction to Residential Draw Inspections, offers a thorough manual, explaining the “ins and outs” of conducting residential draw inspections. The second book, Introduction to Residential Construction Lending, provides a descriptive guidebook for those seeking to expand their knowledge on the construction lending process overall.

Designed for lenders, financial institutions, banks as well as inspectors and real estate professionals, both publications are written to cover a range of topics and dive deeper into construction lending processes and the completion of draw inspection reports.

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Draw inspections play a major role in construction lending, but not everyone possess the skills necessary to perform a draw inspection. Trinity created this manual to allow readers to develop or maintain the skill set necessary to understand and complete draw inspections…

Construction lending can be tricky. Because the process is intricate and involves numerous parties (including builders, contractors, accountants, appraisers, surveyors, and inspectors) many lenders choose to avoid this type of loan….

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