Best in Class Lender Training® is America’s leading resource for lender professionals to learn about draw inspections.

Lender analysts need detailed technical and analytical skills to perform their jobs with accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

The “Draw Inspections for Analysts” course educates and equips lender professionals to certify them as a Draw Inspection Professional®, teaching the detailed components of draw inspections through a comprehensive 10-module certification training.

Designed to provide students draw inspection practices and documentation, the course helps participants read example reports and work through real life scenarios, understanding draw inspections thoroughly and accurately. Only requiring only an hour to complete, the course provides individuals with certification as a certified Draw Inspection Professional® as well as an ability to perform their jobs better and more efficiently.

Ultimately, helps lenders succeed.

The Introduction to Construction Lending:

  • Defines a Draw Inspection Report
  • Teaches How to Read a Finished Draw Report
  • Explains Additional Documentation – Permits, Waivers, and Liability Insurance
  • Uncovers Warning Signs
  • Recognizes Draw Inspection Best Practices