DrawInspector.com® is America’s leading resource for construction lending e-training, education and certification. Designed to train, test and certify draw inspectors, lender professionals and a variety of other students, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that educates and equips individuals to become certified in their area of the construction lending industry.
Drawinspector.com focuses on student success, offering tailored learning programs while providing vast insight to further your industry insight and earn your certification.
Whether working for a large corporate bank or in the field, facilitating an inspection, our mission is to help you succeed. We are committed to providing the highest quality experience and most thorough knowledge, ultimately bettering the industry overall.
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Why DrawInspector.com?

Like homebuilding, creating a strong foundation is key to long term success and perseverance.

Drawinspector.com understands the challenges facing construction lending. Designed by former home builders, inspectors and lender professionals with years of experience, Drawinspector.com offers all of the benefits of their extensive construction lending experience in modular, easy to digest courses, teaching you every step of the way.

Using a wide array of tried-and-true, proven methodologies, this e-learning curriculum provides insight and helpful tools, teaching you the ins and outs of the business and aiding in your professional success to further your career.

Curated Resource

Educates, equips and certifies students as experts with the construction lending industry.

Micro-learning Videos

Provides quick, targeted learning focused on specific facets of construction lending.


Enables learners to watch, read, and listen anytime, anywhere.


The information presented here is worth many times over the cost of the product, and the customer service is unrivaled by any company I have ever dealt with.  Drawinspector.com goes above and beyond in both training as well as taking an interest in my success.  Great Work!!

Preston S.

Real nice course. The narration was perfect, and the pictures showed the clarity that is expected with each report by example.

Nate M.

This course is thorough and concise. It is great review for someone with experience, and excellent material for a beginner.

Susan L.

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